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How This Ring is Disrupting the $16 Billion Wedding Ring Industry

How This Ring Is Disrupting The $16 Billion Wedding Ring Industry

By Amanda Reid03/10/17

Goliath, meet David.

With a little bit of silicone in lieu of smooth stones, QALO rings have infiltrated the behemoth wedding ring industry, challenging the assumption that the material of your wedding ring really matters.

Founded in 2012, QALO, pronounced [KAY-LO], was created by two friends who found themselves newly married, loving their wives and hating their wedding rings.

"We got married about one month apart from each other, and our wedding rings were kind of a pain in the butt," explained QALO president and co-founder, KC Holiday. "You're supposed to wear this big metal ring on your finger, and for us, it just didn't make sense."

Both Holiday and his business partner, QALO CEO and co-founder, Ted Baker were active outdoorsmen who needed something to symbolize their unions, but that also made sense for their lifestyles. So, they created QALO in Holiday's garage, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The average cost of a traditional men's wedding ring is $600, while a women's wedding set will cost on average about $7,300. QALO rings start at just $19.99, are 100% medical-grade silicone rings and are more comfortable and safer than any traditional metal rings.

They're non-conductive and approved for wear in more workplaces and professions than any metal ring. In many cases, the QALO rings also prevent injuries including extensive blistering, ring avulsion, and degloving.

In 2013, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Andy Dalton, wore his QALO ring on HBO's 'Hard Knocks'. QALO rings have now become the major trend in the NFL, with players like Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, Marvin Jones, David Johnson, and more wearing the rings and showing their marital commitments on the field.

But, it's not just NFL players that wear QALO. The rings are worn by hundreds of professional athletes from Olympians and MMA fighters to Crossfit champions and pro surfers.

Today, the silicone ring company that began in Holiday's garage now has more than 60 employees and over a million fans on social media with a customer base to match. They've become the choice wedding ring for members of the military, police, firefighters and EMS, with thousands and thousands of 5-star online reviews to prove why.

"Quality of this ring is amazing. Very adaptive for whatever job you are doing. This ring is lightweight and flexible, to keep you from accidentally injuring yourself on the job. I will be purchasing more from this company." - Jared H.

"My husband absolutely loves this ring, even more than his actual tungsten wedding ring. He is in the military so it's perfect for the job he does, and also very safe." - Janel K.

"Glad I purchased this, [sic] comfortable and can wear it all the time without worry of tearing off my finger." - Nick F.

They currently come in over 30 colors and styles, as well as in the company's patented Q2X™ material. Special edition rings are also available to directly benefit specific philanthropic partners like Barbells for Boobs, the Alliance for Lupus Research and the National Fallen Firefighters foundation among others. What traditional wedding ring company can say that?

Although, it's never been JUST about the rings.

"We aren't selling a silicone wedding ring; we are selling commitment," shared Baker. "That's a powerful standard to set and we sincerely believe that 'commitment is contagious.'"

Always show your commitment and make the switch to QALO rings.