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Fitness Apps To Keep You Motivated Through The Cooler Months
We've all experienced the winter workout struggle, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite workout apps, making it easier to get the workout done at home. Steer clear of the dreaded “winter coat” and continue to strengthen your body even after the summer is over. All you need is your phone and a little motivation!


A “Happy Marriage” For Hunters – Tyler Frantz
When I married my beautiful wife, Erin, six years ago, I realized she was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Now, we are blessed with an amazing two-year-old son, and my love and appreciation for having both of them in my life has never been stronger. That's why it's important for me to always wear my love for them on my sleeve- or more accurately, on my finger- to show my commitment to the marriage that binds our family together.
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FALLing For You ;)
The leaves are changing, the air is getting colder and the Holiday seasons are just around the corner. It’s official Fall! At QALO, this might be our favorite time of year. It's the beginning to different sports season, the weather is still great to adventure outside (but not too cold), family time is your biggest priority and doing fun things with your spouse is something special.
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Rose All Day - Tone it Up!
Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up take us through how to make their favorite refreshing drink of summer!
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Made For The Outdoors
Find out why Kip Campbell from Red Arrow TV is a QALO user for life!
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Why You Should Meditate Daily
Working out and eating right are important...but how many of us meditate regularly? Whether it's post-gym, in nature, or when you just need a little clarity during a stressful day, meditation is a great way to get centered.
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The Anywhere Workout!
What a weekend! The Games were a show to see and we’re more inspired than ever to start getting in shape! Whether it’s crazy work schedules or never having enough time, these quick anywhere workouts are the perfect fix. Here’s a quick and effective circuit that’ll take you from couch potato to CrossFit-ready in no time!
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Summer is served… Ideas for 4th of July Fun!
It's 75 degrees and sunny. You have no work, the grill is on, beer cans are opening and everyone is dressed in red, white & blue. Yep, let freedom ring because that means it's 4th of July! A holiday to celebrate our Independence and enjoy well-earned time with our wonderful family and friends. We thought we would give you all a few ideas to make that 4th of July BBQ extra fun!
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Our Local Police: Meet Monte & Jessica!
Here at QALO, those who serve have always been close to our heart. From the beginning Police, Fire, and EMS were growing with us. In June of this past year, QALO moved offices and thus, changed communities. Yet, our heart for those serving the community around us did not. Local Police Departments were an immediate connection and one of which caught our attention.
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Tone It Up – Karaoke Challenge!
Tone It Up – Karaoke Challenge! Think you could guess what song someone is singing just by the hum of it? We dare you to try!  Watch below as our favorite fitness duo, Karena and Katrina, from Tone It Up give it a shot: Make Your Own Stack Now!  Karena’s and Katrina’s Favorites
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Tone It Up – Signs Your Partner Loves Health & Fitness!
What does it take to be a #TIUhusband? Bobby & Brian have it down! Watch the Tone It Up Girls and their hubbies take us through some clear signs of being married to a health and fitness personality! Pro Tip: Be prepared to eat A LOT of kale.
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5 Mother’s Day Activities To Do This Sunday
Love. Laughter. Tears. Anger. Anticipation. Joy & Commitment. All these emotions and more are what every mom goes through while raising their children. All of which make her a super woman, a super wife, and a super mom. This Mother's Day treat her to something special. Below are 5 Mother's day activities to do with your super mom or super wife this Sunday! - Brought to you by QALO.
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Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is the time to show your mom some extra love and appreciation! We’ve picked just the right gift ideas to put a smile on her face and help say thank you for who she is and all that she does. Recipe Cards ($14.95) There’s something special about a hand written recipe. To make the day […]
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